Friday, June 11, 2010

New Feature - Treasure Hunting

Today on the village map a new Pet Society feature went live--the world map, where pets can dig for treasure. There's currently only one map, the Town Forest, and you get 2 free chances to dig per day. For 300 gold, you can get 5 more shovels, or chances to dig. The map hints as to how close treasure is, though Jean-Pierre can't quite figure out what it means when red X's show up on some squares in the map.

Jean-Pierre dug up a poor fish in a jar (which apparently, someone had buried.) Digging was fun--it took about four tries to find it.

We were also pleased to discover that treasures are both sellable and giftable! Jean-Pierre sent the little fish to a special friend. Pet Society's official blog says that treasures are worth between 50 and 5000 (!) coins, depending on the rarity of the treasure. Apart from receiving them as gifts, the only way to get treasure is to dig it up.

Whenever the pet leaves the Town Forest (when you find something, finish the map, or run out of money for digging), the map will reset. The treasures you found will appear in your chest, but you will have to start digging again on a new map when you return. Pet Society says there will be more treasures and maps to dig in the future.

Jean-Pierre's noticed that this can be an expensive habit--unlike running races at the Stadium, you don't earn any coins for digging unless you sell treasures you've found. You can only purchase 5 shovels at a time--when you run out, the game will prompt you to buy more or head home with what you've found.

What does your pet think of the new feature? Are you addicted, or is it something you haven't really shown an interest in? Has your pet found the super-rare Forest Aquarium (worth 5000 coins!) yet? High Society Pets is looking for a photo of this elusive item; if you've dug it up, send in a snapshot!

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