Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Treasure Hunt Madness

Digging for treasure has become Jean-Pierre's newest hobby. He likes to put on his safari outfit and put that old archaeology class he took to good use digging up some remnants of pets past--like the Running Pet Amphora and the Ancient Wall Painting. There are also a few items he thinks are great buried--the Summer Sofa and the Fish in a Jar. But his favorite item is the Divine Tiara. He's dug up three of this weekly special and keeps hunting for them (they look great when used to decorate his home.)
Jean-Pierre has found all 12 treasures, and still can't seem to stop digging!

Here's a full chart, so your pet archaeologist can figure out which treasures they're missing:

The Forest Aquarium is the rarest item. Contrary to Pet Society's official blog, the rare item sells for 3,500 coins, not 5000. Still worth it, if you can find it (Jean-Pierre did the math... 3,500 coins is 50 more shovels to dig, if you spend it all in one place.)

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