Friday, July 16, 2010

Playtime in Pet Society

Jean-Pierre got his playhouse a few weeks ago and is finally finished saving up to decorate it! The Playhouse is a collaborative item--you'll need 30 friends (or a few friends willing to send multiple supplies) to send you 10 nails, 10 planks of wood, and 10 buckets of pink paint. Once you get all the supplies, you can build your playhouse--it arrives like all the other collaborative items in a big crate stamped FRAGILE. If you are impatient waiting for your friends to help, you can buy the supplies with Playfish Cash.

We always look forward to new rooms, and we LOVE that you can get an extra room for free. We wish, though, that you could choose the color of your playhouse--even if it was just pink or blue, for girls and boys. (Jean-Pierre does love pink, though.) Maybe Playfish will release paint for it like they released wig dyes and petling biscuits, though it will probably cost Playfish Cash.

Unlike some of the extra-room playfish cash items, the playhouse is pretty easy to decorate. In order for your friends to access your playhouse while visiting, you must have the playhouse somewhere in your home--Jean Pierre's is in his back garden.

Jean-Pierre owns one more extra-room item: the Display Room Door, which was a birthday gift from a friend. He loves having the extra room--the Display Room is also easy to decorate. He made his into the Royal Closet.

The Playhouse is a great item if you're like me and love getting new rooms to decorate, without spending Playfish Cash. You have to be patient and persistent in sending your requests, though. Has your pet gotten the Playhouse? How did you decorate yours?
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