Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Decorating: A Statement-Making Chandelier (for only 1600 coins!)

Aah, the Royal Chandelier. Few Pet Society players probably remember this one... we started playing long after Playfish removed the gorgeous chandelier from the Expensive Mystery Box without warning. Now, players who want a little romantic candlelight have to choose the Mansion Chandelier, for 800 coins at the D.I.Y. store.

Almost every pet in the village owns at least one of this popular item (Jean-Pierre owns seven, one in each room!). But for a creative pet owner who wants something a little more spectacular, some creativity with a few different items will get you a fabulous lighting fixture that can be a centerpiece to any classy room. Here's what you'll need:

By placing the Wedding Candlestand on a small shelf and moving it to just under the Mansion Chandelier, you can use layering to make the illusion of a new chandelier. Jean-Pierre arranged some hydrangeas over the small and easy-to-conceal Display Room Shelf to complete the illusion.

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