Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Will you add me and my pet as friends on Facebook?
A. Yes, if you are clever enough to find us and note us saying you're a reader, but we will likely restrict you from seeing non-Pet Society related updates. :) It's nothing personal, but for all we know you could be naked in your basement.

Q. How long have you all been playing Pet Society?
A. Since October 2009. It was an accidental drift from Playfish's other popular game Restaurant City, and we've been hooked ever since!

Q. What are your real names?
A. Nice try. 

Q. Can we be featured in your blog? I have a funny picture of a pet or a story to tell.
A. Yes. We love reader-submitted material, though we can't guarantee every picture will make it up here, we do like to look at them. 

Q. How do I submit material to High Society Pets?
A. The Submit page will tell you how! It's better than the Wizard of Oz!

Q. Will you promote my own Pet Society blog on yours? I'll put a link to High Society Pets on mine!
A. As a matter of fact, we'd love to. Send us an email telling us about yourself and your blog to highsocietypets@yahoo.com, and we'll work something out with you.

Q. I've seen people hack or cheat their game. Will you post hack or cheat guides?
A. No, sorry. If you want to hack you'll have to look elsewhere, we'd like to not be banned from Pet Society.

Q.If a bald person works as a chef at a restaurant, do they have to wear a hairnet?
A. I think we've about covered our knowledge base up there. If you have additional (Pet Society related) questions please send an email to highsocietypets@yahoo.com.

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