Friday, July 16, 2010

Playtime in Pet Society

Jean-Pierre got his playhouse a few weeks ago and is finally finished saving up to decorate it! The Playhouse is a collaborative item--you'll need 30 friends (or a few friends willing to send multiple supplies) to send you 10 nails, 10 planks of wood, and 10 buckets of pink paint. Once you get all the supplies, you can build your playhouse--it arrives like all the other collaborative items in a big crate stamped FRAGILE. If you are impatient waiting for your friends to help, you can buy the supplies with Playfish Cash.

We always look forward to new rooms, and we LOVE that you can get an extra room for free. We wish, though, that you could choose the color of your playhouse--even if it was just pink or blue, for girls and boys. (Jean-Pierre does love pink, though.) Maybe Playfish will release paint for it like they released wig dyes and petling biscuits, though it will probably cost Playfish Cash.

Unlike some of the extra-room playfish cash items, the playhouse is pretty easy to decorate. In order for your friends to access your playhouse while visiting, you must have the playhouse somewhere in your home--Jean Pierre's is in his back garden.

Jean-Pierre owns one more extra-room item: the Display Room Door, which was a birthday gift from a friend. He loves having the extra room--the Display Room is also easy to decorate. He made his into the Royal Closet.

The Playhouse is a great item if you're like me and love getting new rooms to decorate, without spending Playfish Cash. You have to be patient and persistent in sending your requests, though. Has your pet gotten the Playhouse? How did you decorate yours?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Treasure Hunt Madness

Digging for treasure has become Jean-Pierre's newest hobby. He likes to put on his safari outfit and put that old archaeology class he took to good use digging up some remnants of pets past--like the Running Pet Amphora and the Ancient Wall Painting. There are also a few items he thinks are great buried--the Summer Sofa and the Fish in a Jar. But his favorite item is the Divine Tiara. He's dug up three of this weekly special and keeps hunting for them (they look great when used to decorate his home.)
Jean-Pierre has found all 12 treasures, and still can't seem to stop digging!

Here's a full chart, so your pet archaeologist can figure out which treasures they're missing:

The Forest Aquarium is the rarest item. Contrary to Pet Society's official blog, the rare item sells for 3,500 coins, not 5000. Still worth it, if you can find it (Jean-Pierre did the math... 3,500 coins is 50 more shovels to dig, if you spend it all in one place.)

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Feature - Treasure Hunting

Today on the village map a new Pet Society feature went live--the world map, where pets can dig for treasure. There's currently only one map, the Town Forest, and you get 2 free chances to dig per day. For 300 gold, you can get 5 more shovels, or chances to dig. The map hints as to how close treasure is, though Jean-Pierre can't quite figure out what it means when red X's show up on some squares in the map.

Jean-Pierre dug up a poor fish in a jar (which apparently, someone had buried.) Digging was fun--it took about four tries to find it.

We were also pleased to discover that treasures are both sellable and giftable! Jean-Pierre sent the little fish to a special friend. Pet Society's official blog says that treasures are worth between 50 and 5000 (!) coins, depending on the rarity of the treasure. Apart from receiving them as gifts, the only way to get treasure is to dig it up.

Whenever the pet leaves the Town Forest (when you find something, finish the map, or run out of money for digging), the map will reset. The treasures you found will appear in your chest, but you will have to start digging again on a new map when you return. Pet Society says there will be more treasures and maps to dig in the future.

Jean-Pierre's noticed that this can be an expensive habit--unlike running races at the Stadium, you don't earn any coins for digging unless you sell treasures you've found. You can only purchase 5 shovels at a time--when you run out, the game will prompt you to buy more or head home with what you've found.

What does your pet think of the new feature? Are you addicted, or is it something you haven't really shown an interest in? Has your pet found the super-rare Forest Aquarium (worth 5000 coins!) yet? High Society Pets is looking for a photo of this elusive item; if you've dug it up, send in a snapshot!

New Items - Mount Olympus Theme

Pet Society's official blog has posted the sneak peek for this week's Olympian theme!

Personally we've been waiting for a Greek theme for a very long time and the items are absolutely beautiful! Here are just a few:

In addition to the Greek items, Pet Society will release a special collection for the Duanwu Festival (in Chinese, 端午節), also known as Dragon Boat Festival. This festival takes place on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, and is also called Double Fifth. In 2010 on June 16. The activities of the celebrations include eating rice dumpling zongzi and racing dragon boats. Here are a few of the Dragon Boat Festival items:

Pet Society's official blog also reports some game updates this week and a new activity-- treasure hunting!

"Starting Monday, your pets will be able to Dig for Treasure! That’s right! After a long day of fishing at the pond, or running races at the Stadium.. if your pet still has an itch it can’t scratch, and continues to long for adventure you can head over to the Town Forest to start digging for rare treasures," or so reports the official blog.

To see the full collection of this weeks items to be released on Monday and read more about treasure hunting, visit Pet Society's official update.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Decorating: A Statement-Making Chandelier (for only 1600 coins!)

Aah, the Royal Chandelier. Few Pet Society players probably remember this one... we started playing long after Playfish removed the gorgeous chandelier from the Expensive Mystery Box without warning. Now, players who want a little romantic candlelight have to choose the Mansion Chandelier, for 800 coins at the D.I.Y. store.

Almost every pet in the village owns at least one of this popular item (Jean-Pierre owns seven, one in each room!). But for a creative pet owner who wants something a little more spectacular, some creativity with a few different items will get you a fabulous lighting fixture that can be a centerpiece to any classy room. Here's what you'll need:

By placing the Wedding Candlestand on a small shelf and moving it to just under the Mansion Chandelier, you can use layering to make the illusion of a new chandelier. Jean-Pierre arranged some hydrangeas over the small and easy-to-conceal Display Room Shelf to complete the illusion.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dollhouse Mystery Eggs

The latest vending machine in ?'s shop offers adorable Dollhouse Mystery Eggs. Jean-Pierre loves these latest collectibles, even if he thinks 600 coins is a little bit steep of a price. Pet Society's official blog says there are 21 dolls and rooms to collect. If your pet has gotten all of them, take a snapshot and submit it.

Gearing Up for World Cup

Goooooal! Playfish released a new set of celebratory FIFA World Cup items this week to get pets into the game. The soccer-themed set is available at the Market under Cool Stuff. Maybe Hideeni's up for a match!

Your pet can buy items individually or choose to purchase the entire set (at a considerable discount!)

Here are the items within the set (which also makes a great Pet Society gift for anyone excited about the World Cup!). Not shown are Grey Soccer Cleats and Referee's Cleats.

These items are World Cup Specials and are available until June 12th. Speaking of Hideeni, he's also dolled up for the World Cup, offering a set of flags for some of the 32 qualifying countries! Playfish says they'll watch matches and remove flags when countries are knocked out of the standing.

Many players on Pet Society's fanpage wish their country had gotten a flag, as not all 32 countries competing were included in the set.

Jean-Pierre is a big soccer fan and was excited to see the set of items released to celebrate. He's gotten his Italy flag and is set to cheer them on during their matches! The Bouncy Soccer Ball costs 1000 coins at the market and and is by far our favorite World Cup item--pets will kick it around and cheer for themselves, though they have to discover it on their own (you can't click on the ball to have them kick it.)

What country are you rooting for in the FIFA World Cup? Did your country get a flag in Hideeni's set?
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